Thanks to all our helpers!

The Moorpanyal Park 1000 started as an annual swim in 2000 with just fourteen swimmers. Now averaging more than 100 contestants, it continues to grow.

It was the brainchild of North Shore residents Jim Anderson and Dale Jennings. Together they organised a team of people who donated their time and talents to make the swim possible.

Thanks to all of these people for their ongoing support of the Moorpanyal Park 1000, and special thanks to members of the North Shore community.

Thank you!

Peter Dixon- Swim Controller
Terry Makin- MC
Dr Michael Carroll- Doctor Medical back-up
Jeffrey Walker- Geelong Cross Country Club Time clock and PA
Peter Barrow Coast Guard Geelong- Safety boat
Norm Spalding & John Way- Safety boats
Tony Veitenheimer- Event equipment
Lorene Wilks- Timekeeper
Richard Dilena & Matt Jackman COGG Management- New sand and beach clean
David Saunderson & Tom O’Connor COGG
Noel Kimberley Geelong Ports
Ken & Elise Isaac- Promotions
Admiral Thrawn, Vinko Ljubanovic and Kathy Ryan- IT
Ian Guthridge- Marquee

Thanks to all swimmers, supporters and sponsors for making this such a wonderful free community event.